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Germany and Israel rule medical tourism

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Medical tourism is nowadays more stressed and actual. Respectively, the countries, which host the flow of international tourists, treatment-seekers, continue to showcase regular and steady growth in the advancement of their medical institutions. Here Germany and Israel are again on top of the countries hosting the largest number of medical tourists. Only in 2010, nearly 40 mln people and in 2011 – 43 mln medical tourists have left abroad with an aim to apply for medical institutions in different countries of the world. During the recent years this tendency seems to keep growing in CIS countries as well.
Time brings changes in medicineThe drastic change in the number of medical tourists is due to the advancement and more wide coverage of the relevant sources. Today more enhanced information in refer to medical tourism is available in social media, which in its turn raises the degree of awareness among the target audience.It is worth bringing about another reason of upgrade in the medical tourism. Over the past five years a kind of more developed and progressive medical infrastructure has been settled down, as the sources say. Nowadays there are plenty of travel agencies and online platforms that are specialized in medical tourism, thus offering packages, including tickets+visa+medical treatment+hospital at a relatively affordable price, for example in the direction of Israel.The international research results showcase, that Germany and Israel are still the primary choice for those traveling to foreign countries with treatment purposes. The treatment in  Germany is almost t wice more expensive in comparison with that in Israel. According to global statistics data, over the past year more than 26,000 people from CIS countries have undergone treatment in German hospitals, where the medical equipment and technology are being updated every 3-5 years. Besides, Germany is the only EU-member country which invests more significant financial resources in the development of its medicine than any other country. 
Well, the choice of German hospitals is also conditioned by a higher level of security (lowest indicators of terrorist attacks), climatic conditions (as per the results of the research, no vivid signs for the deterioration of health are tracked in the conditions of acclimatization in Germany). Today the hospitals of Munich are considered the best ones in the world due to progressive results of early diagnosis and successful medical treatment.
Whereas in case of Israel, the choice falls on its medical institutions due to more simplified visa entry system, more friendly language environment and more individual and delicate approach towards the visitors. Germany and Israel are still leading and showcasing more advanced results in the treatment of cancer, blood disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system, transplantations, infertility, and epileptic disorders. In addition, their hospitals use more organic pharmacies and medicine.
The polls have shown that Israel is mostly chosen as a medical tourism destination because of more affordable treatment scale in comparison with Germany and North-American countries. Over past two years the growth in the number of medical tourists has raised twice. The vast majority of patients who come to Israel are citizens of CIS countries, the sources say. Namely, about 48% of patients come from Ukraine and from Russia, 37% – from Turkey, Cyprus, Palestine, and about 14% from other CIS countries, including Armenia. In the majority of hospitals the medics talk in Russian as well. According to the same sources, during last 3 years in 65% cases the patients applied to medical institutions of Israel for the diagnosis and treatment of oncolological, cardiovascular diseases, and disorders of the central nervous system, infertility, IVF treatment, as well as for cosmetic surgery.Swiss and German hospitals also become the frequent choice of medical tourists, applying for light cosmetic surgeries. The last 3-5 years also have witnessed the more advanced progress of medical tourism in South Korea and Japan. 

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