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Armenian National Congress to announce cooperation with PAP in due time – rep

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In due time, the opposition bloc Armenian National Congress (ANC) will announce cooperation with the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), Vladimir Karapetyan, an ANC member, told Tert.am in response to a remark concerning different viewpoints within the ANC Political Council and among active members.“The question should first of all be addressed to ANC Spokesman Arman Musinyan, who can present an official opinion,” Karapetyan said. With respect to statements by different ANC members – the head of the ANC parliamentary group, an MP, a Political Council member or any other – Karapetyan said: “This is evidence of the varying opinions we have.”At a press briefing in Armenia’s parliament on Friday, Head of the ANC parliamentary group Levon Zourabian spoke of the ANC group member Nikol Pashinyan’s comments on his interview with Azatutyun radio.Specifically, Pashinyan said that the prospects of ANC’s cooperation with the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) are Mr Zurabyan ’s personal opinion. It is the ANC Political Council that formulates the ANC’s policy and discusses issues of cooperation with the PAP and other political forces.“The Political Council believes Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s policy is credible,” he said.As to which of the two – Gagik Tsdarukyan (PAP chairman) or Vartan Oskanian (a PAP member) – Karapetyan prefers as a presidential candidate, he said: “I will respect any decision by any party except for the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), which is concealing the March 1 facts and betraying its pledges.”Naira Zohrabyan, Secretary of the PAP parliamentary group, voiced the opinion on Friday that the PAP must have its presidential candidate, and the PAP leader must be the candidate.PAP Secretary Tigran Urikhanyan made a similar statement in an interview with the Gala TV.Also, Vartan Oskanian, an MP of PAP, said that PAP Chairman Gagik Tsarukyan is the best candidate. If, however, the PAP leader refuses to run for presidency, Mr Oskanian will do it. 

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