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Public Control initiative had better supervise ‘Kocharyan-assigned feudal lord=?UTF-8?B?4oCZIOKAkyA=?=Armenian MP

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Zaruhi Postanjyan, a member of the Heritage parliamentary group, is well aware of the real source of the statement allegedly made by the Public Control initiative.“I know they come from Robert Kocharyan’s office,” she told journalists on Wednesday.Mrs Postanjyan advises making public statements rather than anonymous ones to prove the opposite – for people to understand who the initiative members are.The MP advises the same initiative to supervise “the feudal lords mentioned by Kocharyan, who are more than twenty in Armenia’s parliament.” “Among them is also the Kocharyan-assigned feudal lord who is constantly absent from parliament,” Postanjyan said.The Public Control initiative issued a statement on Tuesday that Mrs Postanjyan’s proposal to raise the minimum monthly wages more than AMD 2,500 (about $6.5) at the expense of the RA presidential administration was nothing but a PR step. The initiative offers Mrs Postanjyan to be first to stop taking numero us trips abroad at the Armenian NA’s expense.“According to the latest monitoring, she [Postanjyan] ranks the first in terms of trips abroad at the expense of state budget, leaving behind such record-holders as David Harutyunyan,” says the statement.Postanjyan says that the business trips are part of her duties. “Harder work than that we normally do. In many cases the journey takes 24 hours, and only three hours remains for meetings. I am sorry that Armenian MPs are not fully involved in this work,” she said. 

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