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Book on Armenian Grand Master Levon Aronyan presented

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Seda Aronova, mother of the chess-player Levon Aronyan, has written a book on her son’s childhood and first steps in chess.The Golden Tulip hotel has hosted a presentation of the book entitled ‘Levon Aronyan.’Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan participated in the presentation.Talking to journalists, Mrs Aronova said that the book is a present to her son on the occasion of his 30th birthday anniversary.“I have been looking for a present, but I have not found one better than this. Since I had articles about my son in newspapers and magazines, we decided to use them. I wrote about his first steps. But next year I will present a book about Grand Master Aronyan next year,” Mrs Aronova said.She shared her experiences when her son participates in tournaments. The World Cup was the most impressive.Levon Aronyan himself noted that he is most impressed by the descriptions of his family’s experiences in 1990s.“This book tells you about how you can go through hardships an d succeed. It is also about my mother’s efforts to bring me up,” he said.The chairman of the Armenian Writers Union, who attended the presentation, noted that the book is unique due to its hero.“This book must be translated into a number of languages for people to know about our grand master even better. I think it will find its place among the books telling about the world stars,” he said.Three thousand copies of the book have been released and are not to be sold. Mrs Aronova said that new editions will be released if the book finds favor with readers. 

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