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60 people with disabilities get job promotion in Armenia

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Sixty individuals with limited capacities got an employment promotion in Armenia from November until December this year as part of the campaign, We All Have Equal Rights to Work.
At a news conference devoted to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the director of the Save the Children Fund’s Life project, Jina Sargisova, said that their round tables and individuals meetings attracted over 100 employers in the past months, increasing the employment opportunities of the target group.
“More than 100 employers attended the round-table discussions and individuals meetings as part of the events proposed by the program. As a result, around sixty people got an employment promotion,” she said.
The project has four basic components, including the delivery of services to the above groups.
So far, 184 individuals with disabilities have attended life skills trainings which aims to give them orientation on their employment potentials and the adaptation of their future working environment.
The program is funded by the US Agency of International Development, Save the Children Fund, Activa International Foundation, the Human Dignity and Peac foundation and local NGOs (Unison and Full-fledged Life). The project will be run from 2012 until 2015.
An entrance leading to the main building of the National Assembly was recently equipped with a slope-way to enable the disabled individuals’ access to the building. Speaking to Tert.am, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artem Asatryan admitted that the government offices in Armenia still have the problem of making their premises more reachable to the above people, and said they are going to work in that direction in accordance with an existing schedule.
Of the 185,500 individuals with disabilities in Armenia, only 8% are currently employed.The United Nations proclaimed December 3 as a Day for Persons with Disabilities in 1992. Armenia joined the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in December, 2006. 

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