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Nato ‘to approve Turkey missiles request’

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nato is set to approve the deployment of Patriot missile interceptors to defend Turkey’s border with Syria.
A meeting of the 28-member alliance’s foreign ministers in Brussels follows a request from Turkey to boost its defences along the border, BBC reports.
Nato officials have made clear such a move would be purely defensive.
A Nato team has already visited a number of sites in Turkey in preparation for the deployment of Patriot batteries, which could be used to shoot down any Syrian missiles or warplanes that stray over the border.
The missile deployment is likely to be approved, adds our correspondent, despite opposition from Russia, whose foreign minister is also attending Tuesday’s meeting in Brussels.
But analysts say any deployment – possibly supplied by the US, Germany or the Netherlands – could take weeks.Syrian opposition fighters have reportedly made dramatic gains recently, and several government mortar shells – aimed at rebel targets close to the border – have landed across its 900-km (560-mile) border with Turkey.
Ankara’s request for Nato to deploy the anti-missile batteries came after intelligence assessments that Damascus was contemplating using ballistic missiles, potentially armed with chemical warheads, reports say.

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