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Government keeps spotlight on Syrian-Armenians

December 8, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Armenian Government keeps passing measures to facilitate the Syrian-Armenians’ entry to and residence in their historical homeland.
According to a press release the Ministry of Diaspora, a special emphasis is placed on employment promotion and housing issues. Some of the Syrian-Armenian migrants are said to have their own capital, with others seeking business and investment opportunities.
In collaboration with the Ministries of Economy and Agriculture, the Armenian Development Agency and the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Center, the Ministry of Diaspora periodically arranges meetings and consultations to introduce Armenia’s business environment and legal economic legislation to the Syrian-Armenians interested in making investments in Armenia.Upon the Ministry’s initiative, the community members who have established themselves as successful businessmen in Syria, have visited the brandy and wine factory Armas of Nor Yedesia (a town in Armenia’s west) to get familiarized with its manufacturing processes and technologies.At a meeting with the plant’s director, Armen Aslanyan, they exchanged thoughts over Armenia’s tax and customs legislation relating to the economic sector. The businessmen said that the organization has been given the privilege to delay the VAT payment while importing equipment. They also addressed the risks and existing proble ms in the agriculture sector. The Armas director told the guests that the Armenian Government encourages investments in agriculture and wine- and brandy-making, considering them priority trends in Armenia’s economy.
The businessmen found the meeting useful for their future investment plans.
Highlighting the importance of reliable business partners and high-quality consulting, Minister Hranush Hakobyan encouraged the guests to apply to Armenia’s government bodies for further assistance in their business efforts. 

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