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Ruling party MP does not see equal contender to their nominee

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Republican party MP Karen Karapetyan does not see equal contender to Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan. “I do not see a person with the same diameter as our candidate,” the MP said before the 14 congress of the ruling Republican party of Armenia.
He said that not having a contender may have a negative impact though. “In respect of competition it would have been better for us to have strong, alternative candidate, It would have reinforced our team more, making it more mobile and resolute. Naturally in such conditions the political process loses its logic. I would like to witness not tough but strong fight,” the MP said, noting that the processes will show whether such candidate will be or not.
Karapetyan said he does not think that Prosperous Armenia party leader Gagik Tsarukyan would have been a serious contender if nominated. He said Tsarukyan has never stated that he is a candidate. “He has never stated so, it is just intrigues. Our personal relations are quite good ones, we are in-laws,” he said.
The MP also excluded the possibility of Robert Kocharyan’s nomination. “I also exclude Robert Kocharyan’s nomination as I cannot imagine two friends, two partners nominate. They have real opportunity to seat together and reach agreement,” he said.
Nomination of any candidate by the Armenian National Congress will not change anything, Karapetyan said. “You will see our candidate will not poll less than 60%,” he said.
The MP also did not tie the high emigration rate with the bad policy conducted by Serzh Sargsyan. He said the main issue is the global crisis. “Of course we have flaws, issues in the management system and each of us including the president voice them. But the roots of it go deep into the developments ongoing in the world. It is the objective reason, the subjective one is the management, and each of us has its share of guilt in it. We must forget about our pockets and work for the sake of our own people,” he said. 

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