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Armenia=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?=s parliamentary majority ‘button-pressers=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?= – opposition

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The proposal for “political balance” in the Ethics Committee of Armenia’s National Assembly (NA) by the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), is aimed at getting the issue settled by “pressing the buttons.”“The political majority will get a response to this inadequate and unconstitutional initiative from the minority. We will see what a gross blunder we are making by trying to settle the issue through ‘button-pressing’ by the majority,” Artsvik Minasyan, an MP of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D), said at a special meeting of Armenia’s NA on Monday.“We are speaking of tolerance and consensus. I would like to ask you what your proposal has to do with consensus. If you wanted consensus you should have discussed the issue with the parliamentary groups beforehand,” Mr Minasyan said.Levon Zurabyan, an MP of the opposition bloc Armenian National Congress (ANC), called the parliamentary majority “button-pressers.”Ruben Ha kobyan, Head of the Heritage parliamentary group, said: “Let all the eight members of the Ethics Committee represent the parliamentary majority, raise issues and settle them as they want.”The opposition parliamentary forces, as well as the alternative Prosperous Party of Armenia (PAP) parliamentary group, stated their intention to vote against the draft.Armenian NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan said that he can meet with representatives of each parliamentary group on Tuesday to discuss their opinions.Nikol Pashinyan, an ANC group member, demanded that the voting take place this eveving. The NA speaker disagreed, however. 

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