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Environmentalist on Lake Sevan water level

December 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Environmentalist Hakob Sanasaryan, head of the Greens Union of Armenia said he has withdrawn himself from the Lake Sevan affairs commission agreed with the disagreement over the schedule of raising lake’s level.
Speaking to reporters today, he said according to the schedule, Sevan’s level is to be raised up to 1903,5 meters in 2031. He voiced conviction that it is possible to reach this level in shorter time.
“The lake’s water level was expected to be raised by 20 centimeters annually but from 2012-2031 they are to raise it by 18 cm as till that it was raising with high tempos. But if the year is favorable, there is no need to artificially suspend the raise of the water level. On one hand it is being stated about the preservation of the lake and on the other propaganda is being carried out to impede it,” he said.
“Today the main obstacle to the increase of the level is the difficulties connected with cleaning trees and bushes near the shore but they are not so grounded. In 2012, 318 million cubic meters of water has been removed from the lake for irrigation aims,” he said, claiming there is no need to think of raising the lake’s water level unless the approach of the authorities relating to the lake changes. 

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