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Time for ‘Kinto Tightrope Walking’

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00:03, December 18, 2012

The most distinctive feature of Serzh Sargsyan’s rule is that he as a leader has done and is doing everything possible for clearingthe political field andgaining visibility. Confrontations and competition aren’t for him, as he prefers to play on a chessboard where there are no serious pieces, only hopeless pawnscut off from one other.

No matter how much Tsarukyan remains a faithful servant of the authorities, the withdraw of the Prosperous Armenia Party’s leader from the presidential elections was necessary notso much for the party, but for Tsarukyan’s personality and reputation, in order to neutralize any theoretical possibilities for competition. No matter how controllable Tsarukyan was, he was perceived as Sargsyan’s alternative or rivalby a large spectrum of society. With his presence, the president’s role in today’s monopoly would not be absolute. And Tsarukyan was easily removed from the field. Now he can at the most be a “Gray cardinal,” which always performssecond and third-rate functions.

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