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Armenia=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?=s ex-PM’s presidency plan linked to his state-oriented stance, says expert

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The motive behind ex-Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan’s plan to run for presidency is his state-oriented approach, says a political analyst.
Speaking to Tert.am, Stepan Grigoryan said the move demonstrated Bagratyan’s willingness to act as a counterbalance to the incumbent president and ensure legitimacy in the polls.
“Bagratyan is a state-oriented man, that’s why he declared his intention to nominate himself. He realizes that it is necessary to maintain the country’s image, ensuring legitimacy,” he said.
Noting that Serzh Sargsyan is the most likely candidate to win the election, the expert said weighty contenders like Bagratyan will decrease the president’s chances to obtain 80%-90% of votes.
“It is obvious today that Serzh Sargsyan will be re-elected without any difficulty. It is also obvious that the election will bear a technical nature. For the international community, however, it is very important that it be competitive,” he said.
Grigoryan noted that such a scenario would enable certain circles in Armenia to say that the incumbent president was re-elected to office despite the presence of other worthy contenders,.
“After the Prosperous Armenia party refused to participate in the polls, it was obvious that Serzh Sargsyan would be re-elected,” he explained.
Though Bagratyan has likelihood to garner a very low percentage of votes, such a result is not bad for a presidential election. “Do you think 2.5% or 3.5% is little. It isn’t at all for a presidential election. People like Bagratyan would ensure at least a formal competitiveness in case of receiving a total of 15%,” he said.
But Grigoryan doesn’t think the ex-premier is playing into the authorities’ hand by deciding to run for election. “Statehood is different from that. Perhaps he feels satisfied to a certain degree, but he resorts to that to maintain the state’s image,” he added. 

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