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Armenia=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?=s incumbent president best candidate – scholar

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Аrmenia’s incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan is the only person that can represent the country, the linguist Lavrenti Mirzoyan told journalists on Friday as he spoke of the upcoming presidential election in Armenia. “Each of us must respect the presidency. By electing our president we elect our chief diplomat, guarantor of our security, and a superficial approach to this significant event is entirely wrong,” Mr Mirzoyan said.The next five years will be most important for Armenia. Whoever is elected Armenia’s president should think the country is facing numerous problems.“I am seriously concerned over who the presidential candidates are. Every day we learn about a new presidential candidate. People have eight million drams and are seeking the presidency. Why are they ready to pay this sum if they can philanthropize,” Mr Mirzoyan said.Elections are turned into absurdity in Armenia. “How is it that one half of a village decides to nominate a presidential candi date, while in the other half favors another person? They all know well they cannot even get one percent of votes,” Mr Mirzoyan said.“A presidential candidate must be well known to society and prove he has the right to be elected president,” he said. 

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