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‘Whatever=?UTF-8?B?4oCZIA==?=most annoying word in 2012

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The word ‘whatever’ tops this year’s list of the most annoying words or phrases used in conversation.
Thirty-two percent of adults have considered the word annoying in the United States, with another 21 percent expressing dislike to ‘like’, Reuters reports, citing the Marist Polls survey. 
Runners-up included “Twitterverse” and “gotcha’.”The results mirrored last year’s survey when “whatever” topped the annoying words list for a third straight year. But “seriously,” named by 7 percent last year, dropped off the list entirely – really.Marist questioned 1,246 adults in a U.S. nationwide, telephone survey.Results showed differences by age and regions, with people younger than 45 or in the Northeast especially annoyed by “like,” while “you know” offended more of the 45-and-over set.Men and women gave similar responses overall, but whites were twice as likely as non-whites to find “you know” irritating. And people under 45 were more than twice as likely as those over 45 to be put off by “just sayin.’” 

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