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Opening of border may cause problems for Armenia – expert

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At a press conference on Friday, Artak Shakaryan, an expert in Turkic studies, addressed the White House online petition for Armenia-Turkey border opening.He stressed the importance of the Armenian side’s actively raising the issue. On the other hand, Mr Shakaryan notes that Arabs may flood into Armenia if the Armenian-Turkish border is opened.If succeeds, the initiative will be a precedent. Otherwise, it is one more opportunity for discussing Armenian-Turkish relations at a high international level, the expert said.“We should not discuss only one issue – the Armenian Genocide – with our opponents. We also have the issue of border opening,” Mr Shakaryan said.He also spoke of the negative aspects of possible opening of the border.“Is Armenia ready for opening of the border? Are the relevant bodies ready to receive refugees? We should also consider the fact that Arabs may enter Armenia along with Syrian Armenians,” Mr Shakaryan said.“Finally, if the border is opened, will Turkey not make use of it to send elements to Armenia to destabilize the country?”The initiative has aroused keen interest in Turkey, and different Turkish media outlets responded.The author of the initiative, Daniel Ioanissyan (Heritage party), has thought of all the negative aspects. He is sure that Armenia is not so attractive to refugees as Turkey.“Turkey has shelters for refugees and offers better conditions. Arabs do not know Armenian and, therefore, cannot find jobs. So I do not think a problem may arise. We all are well aware that one fine day the border will open, and we will face numerous problems,” Mr Ioanissyan said.He noted he did not consult any government agency, including Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before initiating the collection of signatures. The reason is he does not think highly of Armenia’s diplomacy. 

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