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Baku protest under way over conscript=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?=s death

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Hundreds of young protesters have been demonstrating in central Baku to raise awareness about the deaths of young army conscripts.
Initially, the rally had been largely peaceful despite a heavy police presence, but latest reports suggest that some skirmishes have occurred between protesters after security authorities tried to move demonstrators off the square for holding an “illegal” protest, the Azerbaijani service of RFE/RL reported.
Riot police have now blocked all the roads leading to Fountains Square and several organizers and activists have been detained by police.
Security personnel are also said to be pursuing groups of supporters who have dispersed all over the city.
The demonstration comes following a public outcry over the suspicious death of a young soldier, Ceyhun Qubadov, on January 7.
Army authorities have said Qubadov succumbed to a heart attack, but his family claim he was beaten to death and have published photographs of his body that appear to show evidence of violence.
Chanting slogans such as “Stop killing our soldiers” and “You must answer to us!”, the protesters in Baku brandished photographs of other young army personnel who they claim died as a result of hazing. They also called for the resignation of Defense Minister Safar Abiyev.
Qubadov’s death has put the Azerbaijani army’s treatment of young army recruits under the spotlight and some 20,000 joined a Facebook group set up to promote the Baku protest rally on January 12.
Activists have also been collecting signatures for an online petition addressed to President Ilham Aliyev, urging him to address the situation faced by army conscripts. 

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