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ICES forms observation mission to monitor presidential election in Armenia

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The International expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) has formed a mission to monitor the presidential election in Armenia scheduled for February 18. The 35-member mission will be headed by Dr. Alexander Tsinker. The mission includes international experts from ten EU member-states, United States and Israel.The mission includes three groups: the political group (members of the European Parliament and national parliaments, as well as political scientists); legal group (lawyers and former diplomats); and mass media group (political analysis and media representatives).The eight long-term observers will start working on February 1, 2013. The group plans meetings with the presidential candidates, head of the parliamentary groups, members of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and local election commissions, journalists. On February 15, the ICES mission is to present its second interim report.The short-term observers are to arrive in Armenia on February 14 to monitor t he voting process, vote-counting procedure and summing up of election returns. On the election day, all the observers will move to Armenia’s regions to monitor the voting process at as many polling stations as possible.The ICES mission has given a generally positive review of the manner, in which the pre-election process has commenced and is being conducted.• The legal foundations of the election process in the Republic of Armenia basically correspond to the international democratic regulations. The Electoral Code quite fully describes all the procedures of the election process. Strictly adhered to, the Electoral Code may ensure the transparency of the election process thus expressing the will of the country’s citizens.• The Mission appreciates the fact that the current Electoral Code has had no changes since its adoption in 2011, which gave all participants of the electoral process sufficient time to plan out their activities.• The Central Election Commission of Armenia is conducting its work professionally and in accordance with all requirements, schedules and stages of the process as prescribed by the Electoral Code.• The Mission urges all candidates and their staffs to carry out their pre-election activities with much responsibility, to facilitate in establishment of peaceful and pleasant electoral atmosphere and to refrain from making premature conclusions regarding the legitimacy and democracy of the elections.• The Mission believes that even at the pre-election stage, all participants in the electoral process must declare their willingness to conduct honest and transparent campaign. They must also acknowledge the legitimacy of the electoral process and its results – whether or not they will meet their expectations. This is the essence of democracy.• The Mission expresses their hope that the pre-election campaign period, the Elections Day itself and the process of vote counting and results tabulation will be carried out in Armenia in accordance with the Electoral legislation, without escalation of the current tensions, and that these Presidential Elections will meet the international standards.• The mission hopes that the rest of the pre-election period, the Election Day and the results tabulation will be carried out in Armenia within the legal framework, without aggravation of the current political situation, and that the Elections will meet international standards.• The final evaluation and conclusions of the mission on the democratic nature of the parliamentary elections will be made only upon completion of the electoral process. 

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