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Regular ‘fair=?UTF-8?B?4oCZIA==?=elections expected in Armenia – Democratic party rep

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Democratic party is not going to back any candidate at the upcoming presidential election in Armenia being convinced that the incumbent president Serzh Sargsyan will be the winner.
Chairman of the political council of the party Artak Harutyunyan speaking to reporters today, said if any other candidate wins, it will be a joke.
He also said that Serzh Sargsyan should not be called a presidential candidate but the future president.
“About 50% is not going to participate in the elections. These are people who are not in Armenia but are registered in the State Register, the 10% will participate in the elections for the winner, the 15% are the administrative resources and the 35% votes will be distributed among the other candidates and as usual, fair elections will take place,” Artak Harutyunyan said.
The speaker said the Armenian public is not ready for elections as one part does not believe in justice and the other part takes money.
“The Democratic party has just 12,000 members and we left them choose who they want. Seeing this all, Tigran Karapetyan [party’s leader] wants to give a short pause in the politics. But we will still see him there,” he said.
Summing up the press conference, Artak Harutyunyan advised to be the owners of votes, not to sell them. 

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