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Ocalan set to make historic call

Jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan is expected to announce ceasefire on Thursday, ending nearly 30-year-old deadly conflict.
Any statement on Thursday would be the result of written consultations between Ocalan, pro-Kurdish politicians and PKK bodies in northern Iraq and Europe, held under the close monitoring of Turkish agents, Al Jazeera reported.Turkey’s secret services resumed negotiations with Ocalan, the so-called Imrali process, in October, aiming to end the conflict with the PKK, which is branded a terrorist group by Turkey and its Western allies.”I want to solve the issue of guns with haste and without a single life being lost,” Ocalan said in Monday’s letter.In return, he called on the Turkish parliament to do “its part” to make the peace process a permanent one, enabling thousands of PKK members to lay down arms and withdraw from Turkey in the coming months.The Kurdish movement has asked Turkey for the release of hundreds of Kurdish activists and politicians detained on charges of links to the PKK.The Turkish parliament is working on a legal package th at would bring its anti-terrorism laws more in line with European standards and contribute to the peace process by paving the way for the release of many Kurds.Ankara also has promised not to attack rebels wishing to leave the country.The PKK had originally demanded full independence for a Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey, but has moderated its goals to broader political and cultural autonomy.Kurds account for some 20 percent of Turkey’s 76 million population, but are scattered through western Turkey as well as the southeast. 

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