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Georgian murderer of ethnic Armenian family arrested in France

Vakhtang Gvritishvili accused of the murder of three Armenians has been arrested in France.
According to Georgia Online, Gvritishvili, 47, appeared in the International Police’s Fugitives list years ago for the crime committed 19 years ago.
In 1994 he and his accomplices (Georgi Otarashvili, Revaz Demetrashvili and Alexander Revazishvili) kidnapped in Georgia ethnic Armenian businessman Nshan Minasyan’s son Khoren demanding ransom. After getting $75,000 the criminals freed the child but after they found out that Nshan Minasyan learnt who they were, they attacked Minasyan’s home in Georgia killing the businessman, his wife and son Vazgen Minasyan. Minasyan’s daughter received a grave gun wound.
Russian Regnum news agency reports that the organizer and the main criminal was Gvritishvili. A criminal case was filed against him in 2011 for kidnapping, demanding ransom, intentional murder of two and more people with special brutality.Currently the issue of extraditing him to Georgia is being discussed.
This murder was disclosed only after 17 years, in September 2011. The Georgian law enforcers arrested in the same year Revaz Demetrashvili, Georgi Otarashvili and Alexander Revazishvili. The Tbilisi court sentenced the latter just to 14 years in jail. The other two criminals have not been punished yet. 

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