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Ethnographic dances taught at Russian-Armenian University

It is the second week the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University has been hosting classes of ethnographic dances.
The lessons are conducted by Gagik Ginosyan, the art director of the ethnographic song and dance ensemble Karin.
Speaking to Tert.am, an advisor of the University’s rector, Hripsime Margaryan, said they are the first institution of higher learning to make such an offer to Ginosyan.
“We came up with the idea of introducing ethnographic dances to the university’s curricula when we were considering the significance of national dances with Gagik Ginosyan. As for the students, you don’t imagine their reaction when they came to know of the opportunity. The number of students attending the dance [lessons] is increasing gradually,” Margaryan said, adding that she is very happy that their university is the first to offer such an opportunity.
According her, the classes are now organized as an extracurricular activity, but the University has plans to make them part of the compulsory program.
Speaking further, Ginosyan said their ensemble has long underlined the importance of including ethnographic dances into the curricula of higher education institutions and secondary schools.
“It is necessary to introduce them to universities and especially to secondary schools as those institutions offer absolutely no subject educating [students] on their national identity. So it is important to make this phenomenon part of an Armenian’s set of values given that it is a serious way towards self-identification,” he added. 

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