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Obama has not changed his approaches over Armenian Genocide – ARF-D rep

Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnkatsutyun (ARF-D) MP Vahan Hovannisian is not interested whether US President Barack Obama will utter the term ‘Armenian genocide’ or not.
Speaking to Tert.am, he said the US President has already expressed his viewpoint and has not changed his approaches after re-election. “If he has not changed, he understands that he should describe the Armenian genocide with the word ‘genocide’ but he does not do it with clear reasons, from their viewpoint clear. We do not understand it but their political environment, their conditions make some limitations but he has stated that he has not changed his approach, thus I am not interested whether he will say it today or tomorrow,” Hovannisian said.
In his annual speech last year Barack Obama used the term ‘Meds Yeghern.’ According to some opinions, Obama will utter the word genocide at the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Vahan Hovannisian described it as ‘Armenian disease’.
“You want the Genocide recognition or fight for compensation be reached by the hands of the others. It must be done by Armenians. Armenians must fight to be able to eliminate the consequences of the genocide and prevent the further dangers. But we are waiting whether he will say or not. We must fight and in this case everyone will say it without hesitating,” he said.
Asked about the proposal of the US President to cut the financial aid to Armenia for the 2014 fiscal year, Hovannisian said it is a result of crisis and the USA cuts a number of budget expenses.
“To avoid politicization of the issue, we are fighting to make this cut be as small as possible. But we see that they are being made in a number of areas,” he said.
Asked whether he does not agree the cut with the interior political situation in Armenia, Hovannisian said “if it was agreed with it they would not have given anything.” 

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