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If opposition forces unite, authorities to become political corpse – ARF-D rep

Head of Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) faction head Armen Rustamyan is convinced that in case opposition forces unite in post-election period, the authorities will become a political corpse and an end will be put to their political career.
“I do not think that a sensible force that will enter the City Council will not unite. I am sure with it the political career of the authorities will end and they will become a political corpse. If we once again disappoint people with our wrong behavior, it will be another big blow,” he said speaking at the NA briefing today.
Rustamyan stressed that out of eight political forces, 4 are opposition and this time it will be easier to overcome it. “We have opened a hot line for registering the election frauds. A lot depends on how free the elections will pass,” he said.
“If it is possible to control, it is clear that the authorities will not manage to reproduce themselves,” he said, convincing that ARF-D will do everything for the establishment of post-election alliance.
At the same time the ARF-D MP registered that there was no joint statement yet.“It is not good. Each seems to leave a room for future which may disorient the voter. The voter must understand that by giving vote to the opposition his/her vote will not be lost,” he stressed.
Asked whether the ARF-D is ready to concede the office of the mayor, Rustamyan said that still in pre-election period they were ready to put their ambitions aside and have an opposition mayor.
“We have normal relations with all, the bridges are not burnt and we will do everything for uniting, if not, it will be clear for us that they are interested in leaving the field to the authorities,” he noted.

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