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Children who live near busy traffic areas more likely to be hyperactive, study finds

E-numbers, television and chemicals have all been traditionally blamed for causing hyperactivity in children. But a new study suggests living near a noisy road can lead to the condition, The Daily Mail reports.
Youngsters who were exposed to the highest noise levels at home showed 28 per cent more symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention than those exposed to the lowest traffic noise levels, researchers found.
Michelle Bosquet, a psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, says that noise pollution can have a dramatic affect on children’s behaviour and their mental wellbeing.
Ms Bosquet, who was not involved in the German study, says that traffic noise can disturb a child’s sleep or concentration, which could be linked to hyperactivity.
Researchers led by Carla Tiesler at the Helmholtz Zentrum German Research Center for Environmental Health studied 900 children living in Munic, NBC reported.
Noise levels outside of each child’s home at the wall of the house were measured, and parents answered a questionnaire about their 10-year-olds’ behaviour.
Youngsters who lived in the homes with the highest level of noise were more than twice as likely to show unusual emotional behaviour – such as anxiety – than those in the quietest properties, according to NBC.
After researchers considered sleeping problems, they also concluded that difficulty in going to sleep was also responsible for emotional difficulties.
Nearly 8 per cent of U.S children between three and 17-years-old have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said.

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